Clans / Enganda

Clans are very important in Tooro. Members of the same clan get a group to belong to which is the origin of their identity.  Clans unite people and allow the Batooro promote their culture to the rest of the world. In a world where there was no websites like, clans help people trace their lineage. Clan members often meet and share their history, learn their culture, and get vital information on how to improve their livelihoods.

As clans are based on ancestry, clan members are blood relatives for they share a common ancestor.  In effect, to avoid in-breeding, one cannot marry from the same clan. The only exception is given to the princes and princesses in Tooro who marry their close relatives to maintain their blood ties. In addition to this, each clan has a muziro. A ‘muziro’ is a totem or an object that clan members must avoid or respect. In Tooro, they are usually animals or a natural figure that spiritually represents a group of related people such as a clan. To get a list of various clans in Tooro, read ‘The Great Kingdom of Tooro’ book here.