As a constitutional monarch, the King of Tooro is the guardian of culture and customs. In order to administer the kingdom, the king is traditionally assisted by the parliament (Orukurato) and by the Royal Trinity composed of: the Queen Mother (Namasole); the Princes Royal (Batebe), and the Head of the Royal Clan (Musuga).

The Prime Minister called Omuhikirwa is the head of the Kingdom administration and has various ministers, deputies and county (Saza) chiefs, and other chiefs and clan leaders up to the village level. The Parliament of Tooro Kingdom is representative, and parliamentarians are carefully selected from every clan in the Kingdom, and hence, the term, the parliament of seventy (70) representatives otherwise called “Orukurato Orwensanju”.

The administration of the Tooro Parliament is located at Mucwa complex, which also houses the kingdom administration and is less than one mile from Kabarole Palace (Karuzika), the official residence for the King.You are welcome to visit this historic building during your stay in Tooro. It is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.