Empango is a series of colourful events in Tooro which celebrates the King’s (Omukama’s) coronation. Empango lasts for nine days.  In the palace, it is celebrated for three days and the rest of the days are spent doing charitable activities such as running health camps, agricultural shows, and sports. Here are some of the activities that take place. On the first day, there is milking of the royal cows in the presence of the Omukama.  After this, the regalia including royal drums (engoma), spears (amacumu), and trumpets are presented to the Omukama. The royal dance (amakondere) is played whole day and night. The second day starts with the King attending the church service. This is followed by the official opening of the parliament. Then the Omukama puts on his crown and goes to the Royal Court (Rugo) to meet the crown bearers. Upon his return, Omukama seats at the royal parlour and enjoys the royal dance. On the third day, Omukama goes back to the Royal Court (Rugo) to resolves all the cases before the start of the final celebrations. In Tooro culture, Empango culminates with a public celebration on 12th September.